Creator Sets

Creator sets are typically based on buildings (such as houses and apartments), cars (such as roadsters and trucks), or creatures (such as dinosaurs and spiders). They at one point released small sets contained in plastic pods, similar to the way BIONICLE and Hero Factory used to be packaged, but most are in regular boxes.
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The Creator sets didn't include Minifigures until 2011, although many of the older sets are minifigure-scaled. The Creator vehicles are said to have replaced the Model Team theme, which ended a while back and is also a very old theme. Most sets are based off contest winners.

The complexity of the sets typically depends on the scale. Smaller models often make use of basic bricks, where as larger models make use of specialized elements and advanced building techniques. A majority of the sets released since 2006 are "3 in 1" sets, or sets that included bricks which could assemble into 3 different ways, with instructions for each assembly included with the set.

The Creator theme also includes the Modular Buildings line (with the exception of 10190 Market Street), which are a series of large, detailed buildings, with flat floors, and mostly have no more than one building. The Modular Buildings also include minifigures, unlike most Creator sets, and the sets are to the standard minifigure scale.