Hero Factory

Hero Factory (stylized as HERO FACTORY) was a line of construction toys created by the Lego Group marketed primarily at 6-to-16-year-olds. Premiering in the summer of 2010, the theme was created in response to the decision to close down production of the formerly-popular Lego construction theme Bionicle and acted as a successor.[1] It its legacy, Hero Factory utilized the building system implemented into Bionicle before going on to create its own. Hero Factory was discontinued in late 2014 in favor of reviving Bionicle for the following year.

Preston Stormer - The no-nonsense Alpha 1 Team leader, plagued by his failure in a past mission, and demanding in his expectations of all team members.
William Furno - Once a reckless and ambitious rookie Hero assigned to Alpha 1, now a valuable team member.
Dunkan Bulk - A physically imposing, powerful senior Alpha 1 member, whose impressive strength belies a growing intelligence.
Jimi Stringer - A Philosophical, laid-back, and musically inclined veteran of the team, who incorporates sound-based functions into his weaponry.
Mark Surge - One of Team Alpha 1's youngest, a temperamental hot-head working to overcome a secret insecurity.
Natalie Breez - The sole female member of Alpha 1, brash in her dealings with her teammates, but with a connection to nature.
Nathan Evo - An introspective rookie Hero working with the team, who emphasizes heavy artillery use in his missions.
Julius Nex - Socially nuanced and technologically gifted head of Hero Outreach and a rookie on Alpha 1, with a love for gadgetry.
Daniel Rocka - The headstrong new rookie of the team, also covertly a member of the Hero RecoRookies..
Kirk Thresher - The alpha team leader when Preston Stormer was a rookie. Note: Kirk Thresher is Shown in the movie Rise of the Rookies.